Manager's "Player of the Year"

Season Name
2016/17 Tony Bush
2015/16 Stefan Gorecki
2014/15 Stuart Grimsey
2013/14 Richard Martin and Stefan Gorecki
2012/13 Michael Ryan and Lee Lomas
2011/12 Dean Weaving
2010/11 Tony Bush
2009/10 Danny Sarling
2008/09 Dean Weaving
2007/08 Dave Rix
2006/07 John Wilson
2005/06 Mark Hart
2004/05 Dean Weaving
2003/04 Paul Bush
2002/03 Mark Potts
2001/02 Dave Allen

The format for the "Player of the Year" changed after 2000/01.

In addition to Player's "Player of the Year", a Manager's "Player of the Year" was added.

First to win this award was Dave Allen and the current holder is Dave Rix.