Details of some memorable events over the years

Clamping Justin Feeney's car in Officeworld & getting him to write a begging letter to the council after Scott had forged an official council fine notice.

Everyone lifting the van out of a ditch after Bushy fell asleep at the wheel during the Brussels tour.

Pete's Sheepskin coat finally being laid to rest at sea in 2001 after failing to pay the ransom.

Dave Allen's brain hemorrhage after downing an Absinth in Prague, likewise Bushy losing all form of communication after downing his and Monster Mel nicking Pete's out of his hand.

Smarty not sweating in the sauna in Cologne.

Spooky being told by a cabbie in Prague, "300 for the fare, 1000 for BLUR", after barking 30 yards from the hotel.

Everyone singing "My Way" in an Irish bar in Cologne.

In Prague 2004 - Jamie Higgins losing his way after leaving the club pissed. After traipsing through several vinyards he finally staggered into the Hotel. However, unable to locate his room he staggers to the reception desk only to be told that he was infact in the wrong Hotel! Hence, he finally made it back to his room an hour and an half later, what initially should have taken him 10 minutes.

The Costa Brava Tour 2005 - Tony Bush's inspection of everyone's passport ended up with him getting very excited over Dave ( I used to have a mullet) Allen's photo and subsequently head-butting his suitcase. A black eye appeared within minutes.

In Rimini 2006 - Danny Sarling, trying to find out if we were queuing in the right line at Stanstead airport, asked an old couple in front what their destination was. After telling him they were going to Venice Danny looking a bit confused, paused and replied "We're going to Italy instead". Everyone fell about the place!!

Smarty, upstaging Vegas with his geographical knowledge when discussing previous tours, informing everyone that Brussels was no longer in Belguim. "It wasn't Belguim we went on tour to, it was Brussels"!!! He swears he didn't, but we all know better.