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Latest news from Gary 06-Nov-22

Hi Folks,

Well, it's been a fab 2022 and great to be back on the road again after a couple of awful years with the pandemic that affected show business in general.

'That'll be the Day' is in its 36th year now and I've been in the show for most of them. Crikes!!

Infact, I've been in show business since I was 14 years old. Wow, I can't believe it really, but I have to say I still love my work.

It's a great business and over 10,000 shows later it's still the best feeling in the world when you hear that roar at the end of a rocking night. There ain't nothing like it!

Away from the show, all's great in my life. This year I celebrated my 63rd birthday. Tracy, Megs & Lewis are all doing great. So proud of them all.

Also, the farm is looking fab, best it's looked this time of year after the recent rain, with 5 horses, 11 sheep and 2 farm cats to look after.

A big thanks to all my loyal fans for their continuing love, support and friendship. Simply tops!

See you at a theatre near you soon.

Much love,

Gary x