"That'll Be The Day" is about nostalgia, reflecting the music and tone of an era that changed the course of music history and youth culture forever.

It's the number one Rock 'n' Roll show in the UK, re-vamped and re-written each year, with over two hours of classic-gold hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

The show's popularity has grown through word of mouth, acquiring a cult status and a fan base of over 15,000 members, and has been seen by over four million people to date.

Gary works mainly as a double act with the show's director Trevor Payne with routines such as "Laurel & Hardy", "Bill & Ben", "Batman & Robin" and "the Blues Brothers".

Six times Gary has played at the London Palladium and the show has completed numerous summer seasons in Bournemouth, playing at both the "B.I.C" and "Pavilion".

Some facts

1. Gary first met Trevor in 1978, at the time supporting Trevor's "Medium Wave" band

2. Gary and Trevor have over 40 comedy sketches between them to date

3. Gary's favourite sketch is appearing as "Willie Nelson", with Trevor as "Julio Iglesias".

4. Gary impersonates 27 different voices singing the song "Perfect Day"

5. Gary's all time hero is Elvis

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