My Dad once said to me, "Son, you've got champagne taste with beer money".

One day I replied "If you think champagne hard enough one day you will drink it".

This website is a celebration of my 40+ years in showbiz.

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Hi Folks,

Well, it's been a fab 2015 so far.

'That'll be the Day' is in its 30th year and I've been in the show for 28 of them. Crikes!!

This year was my 40th year in show business, Luv's! Wow, can't believe it really, but I have to say I still love my work.

It's a great business and over 6,000 shows later it's still the best feeling in the world when you hear that roar at the end of a rocking night. There ain't nothing like it!

Anyway, I've just celebrated my 56th birthday and feel marvellous. All's great in my life away from the spotlight. Tracy, Megs & Lewis are all doing great. So proud of them all. Also, the farm is looking fab, especially now having the green light to build our dream home in the country. The horses are all well and again great news that my lovely horse Brio (now called Kingswood) has gone on to become a police horse and is serving the community of Avon & Somerset. A wonderful outcome.

******HOT NEWS!!******

After a long time planning I'm very happy to announce the release of my latest album!

"Havin' A Good Time" is a collection of some of my favourite country music including hits from Garth Brooks, Charlie Rich & Alan Jackson. It's always been one of my favourite styles of music and a departure from what you might be used to seeing me do in the show. It's a real TBTD family affair though as it features duets with the wonderful Ollie Gray and Jodie Lawson and Ollie is the 'man behind the glass' as he recorded and produced the whole thing. Not only does it sound amazing but the album also looks fab thanks to the creative talent of me old mucker Jarrod Loughlin who created all the artwork.

I want to make a special mention to a person whose attitude of 'Conceive, Believe, Achieve' has been a constant source of inspiration to me. Pete Atkinson, this album is dedicated to you and serves as a testimony to your determination, drive and love of life. Tracy and I greatly treasure the friendship that you and Janet share with us and it's thanks to your spirit of achievement that this album that once was a dream is now a reality.

If you want to purchase a copy, please go to www.oneknightonly.com and pre-order, or pick up a copy from Spud at the merchandise stall at the theatres. The CD will be on general release in November.

So, happy listening and big thanks to all my loyal fans for their continuing love, support and friendship. Simply tops!

See you at a theatre near you soon.

Much love,

Gary x

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